Asociación Profamilia

logo of Asociación Pro-Bienestar de la Familia Colombiana

Profamilia is a private non-profit organization that, for more than five decades, has been promoting and defending the exercise of Sexual and Reproductive Rights of the population in Colombia so that they can make free, safe and informed decisions about their sexuality, without discrimination, coercion or violence. 

Through its five strategic lines of action, Profamilia achieves national coverage by offering sexual and reproductive health products and services benefiting the most vulnerable population. To date, Profamilia has 40 clinics in 31 cities in Colombia, making it the largest private institution nationally and the second largest in developing countries guaranteeing access to health, with an emphasis on sexual and reproductive health.


Profamilia IPS

With more than 40 clinics nationwide, Profamilia is the leading provider of sexual and reproductive health services in Colombia: contraception, prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections - STIs, safe abortion, gynecology, and urology services, among others, are part of the services offered. 

Profamilia Farma

Profamilia Farma offers a wide portfolio of products for the full, safe and pleasurable experience of sexuality such as contraceptives, pregnancy tests, condoms, and lubricants.  Profamilia Farma has a national marketing reach with the highest quality standards. 

Profamilia Social Projects and Research

Profamilia is a strategic partner for the execution of high social impact projects. Through strategic alliances with public and private organizations and international cooperation agreements, it works to guarantee the Sexual and Reproductive Rights of people in Colombia. In addition, it researches, analyzes, and documents phenomena related to sexual and reproductive health in the world, with emphasis on the Colombian context. Thus, it contributes to the generation of scientific information and knowledge about Sexual and Reproductive Rights. 

Profamilia Educa

Offers innovative and easily accessible educational experiences that support knowledge management and respond to the demand for education and training for the enjoyment of a responsible, safe and happy sexuality. 

Profamilia Advocacy

Contributes to the construction and strengthening of public policies through the impact on institutions, organizations, and decision-makers, seeking progress and avoiding setbacks in the guarantee of Human Rights, Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Colombia.