International Medical Advisory Panel

What is IMAP?

  • Formed in 1979, the International Medical Advisory Panel (IMAP) is a body of medical scientists and of leading experts in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).
  • IMAP has the mandate to formulate and disseminate recommendations to IPPF and other interested parties regarding best practices in SRHR, based on the best available evidence. This advice is also widely followed by other organisations in the SRHR field.
  • IMAP’s recommendations are presented as IMAP Bulletins which address issues on all aspects of SRHR including health systems, biomedical, programmatic, training and service delivery issues.
  • IMAP provides timely guidance to IPPF on critical issues and reviews and endorses IPPF’s programmatic and medical guidelines.
  • According to an independent evaluation carried out in 2014, IMAP is highly valued across the Federation and by external partners who acknowledge the continued need for an independent body of programmatic and biomedical experts.
  • IMAP contributes to maintaining IPPF’s leadership role in SRHR. Find out more about the panel members

What is IMAP’s role?

IMAP provides medical and technical advice to IPPF.  In summary, IMAP’s role is to:

  1. Review and endorse IPPF medical standards and guidelines;
  2. Identify and respond to priority SRHR issues;
  3. Monitor and consolidate new scientific evidence and develop statements;
  4. Address questions from IPPF member associations and other key stakeholders;
  5. Support IPPF to identify specialist expertise;
  6. Act as international communicators of IMAP’s recommendations; &
  7. Participate in meetings, including at least one face-to-face meeting each year.

IPPF Medical Bulletins

IPPF Medical Bulletins are produced by IPPF to address gaps in bio-medical evidence or critical issues relating SRHR programming.  IMAP supports this work by helping to identify questions to address; recommending technical experts to support the Bulletin development; and peer reviewing and endorsing the bulletin.