Contraception and guidance delivered to your door

Damara Rasmijn

Damara Rasmijn is a data analyst and a member of the Sustainable Development Goals Commission. She started using Famia Planea Aruba’s (FPA) contraceptive delivery service a year ago. 

“It definitely has made my life much easier especially when I have a busy schedule. I sometimes clock in at work very early and leave late which makes it difficult for me to personally stop by and buy my products. With the delivery service I simply order my products through the online store and choose the date and time that is most convenient for me”, she says.

Damara values the personal service and the convenience of paying by card and choosing a preferred delivery time. “I love this service because sometimes I place an order a few days before and with my busy schedule I forget I ordered it. However, the employees at FPA call to confirm the order on the day of the delivery, which is great because it is like a personal reminder! The best part is that they also have a portable ATM machine. I get my products, guidance and have it delivered to my location, what more can you ask for?” 

Damara Rasmijn
Ghislaine has been part of the FPA team for nearly three years.
Damara has been using FPA for over six years initially for the accessibility to contraceptives, she now uses a variety of healthcare provision. She is especially happy with the delivery of care.

Damara has shared her positive experience of the convenience of buying products through FPA’s online store recommending it to her colleagues and friends. 

“I suggested this service to my colleagues and friends because we all have such hectic lifestyles and are always searching for faster, easier, and more convenient ways to balance our lifestyles. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, this service has been a great help for me. Having to adhere to the protocols and restrictions and being a health enthusiast, it was much easier and comfortable for me that FPA provides this service.”