“It did stimulate conversations and questions for a few days"

Jeanira van Eenennaam viewing an FPA educational video with daughter

Jeanira, 37, is a doctor’s assistant and has two young children aged two and 12. She has been a member of Famia Planea Aruba (FPA) for many years but only recently learned that FPA provides healthcare for all ages and stages of life – particularly young people. 

“I am a mother of two wonderful children, a two-year-old boy and an almost twelve-year-old girl. As any parent does, I have to accept that my little girl is no longer so little and growing much faster than I am ready to accept. I do however try my best to be very open on accepting of her growth and changes in the hopes of helping her become her best self. About a year ago I had begun researching the best way and time to start talking to my daughter about her upcoming body changes, sexuality, and puberty in general”, Jeanira says. 

Provision of sexual and reproductive healthcare for all, regardless of age, is at the core of FPA’s work. Over the years FPA has developed different information packages specifically aimed at reaching and supporting young people, families, and educators. 

 “There is of course endless information on the internet, but this is not always the most helpful since I now had the difficult task of filtering out what I saw as appropriate or not, as well as choosing trustworthy sources”, explains Jeanira.

“During my search, a family member mentioned that she had seen a video on social media about puberty that was in our native language. After finding the video on FPA’s Facebook page and watching it myself first, I was over the moon. The video is fun, educational, featured local professionals, and related to my daughter’s age. I love the fact that I could introduce the video to her and let her watch it in her own comfort zone, just in case she was not in the mood to talk to me about the topic at hand or have me stare at her while she learned some of the most impactful changes heading her way. At the end, it did stimulate conversations and questions for a few days after and I truly made it easier for us to talk about some of the topics that can sometimes be a little hard to approach.”


Jeanira van Eenennaam viewing an FPA educational video with daughter
Jeanira van Eenennaam viewing an FPA educational video with her daughter 

Jeanira encouraged her 11-year-old daughter to use FPA’s OPEN program. “When my mom first told me she found a video for me to watch about puberty I was a bit scared. I do talk to my friends about some stuff, but talking to my mom sounded a bit awkward. My mom and I do talk a lot but I was still worried that it might get too deep. I didn’t think the video would be so funny”, Xiqiën remembers.

“My favorite part was to be able to recognize some changes that I am going through right now. There are some changes that I would like to skip but I know it’s all part of the growing up process.” 

“I’m so thankful that FPA had the idea to make such a fun video for us to learn from. There was some stuff that I already knew, but I also learned some new things. I did ask my mom a lot of questions after the video, mostly because they said that everyone is different and I really wanted to know how my mom is different from me. I don’t feel quite as worried to talk to my mom about these things anymore, I know that she will try to help.”