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José has seen a change in the attitudes of men in his local community and those small achievements encourage him to keep going.
In the absence of a local public health facility, Alicia decided to become a volunteer health promoter to support her community.
Community counseling is key to raising awareness that health and contraceptive care are fundamental rights, and to eliminate myths and beliefs that prohibit the use of contraception, volunteers like Elga remain integral to this process in order to bring about change.
In El Salvador, Pro-Familia Health Promoter Juan Martinez Leons gives talks about sexual and reproductive healthcare on the soccer field in front of his house.
Salvadoran Demographic Association (ADS / Pro-Familia) has been providing sexual and reproductive healthcare to local communities since 1974. Today, the program currently has around 900 health promoters across El Salvador. Reaching under-served communities with contraceptive care and information lies at the heart of the program’s mission.
“Many women walk up to an hour and a half from the villages of the Guazapa hill, to receive family planning services or to receive counseling,”