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Dr. Rashida Daisley the 31-year-old Clinical Director of the Barbados Family Planning Association (BFPA) is providing critical support to the LGBTIQ+ community and filling gaps in access to sexual and reproductive health services in Barbados.
Both Marina and Ana can vividly recount the experiences that brought them to Trinidad 3 years ago. Today, they are both clients of the Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FPATT) receiving care to meet their varying sexual and reproductive health needs.
Before the FPATT clinic, migrants who needed SRH healthcare have had to book appointments with private doctors who often charge more than the migrants can afford.
Kiamara Meneses, 25, a sociologist, says that she found out about the institution through Facebook and when she arrived at counseling with her partner she felt confident: “We liked the way the explanation was provided and it was all very clear, so we kept coming back all of 2019, until 2020, because I was considering having a subdermal implant and I came to consult”, she commented.
“Machismo is cultivated since childhood. That, in some way, is making it difficult to correct some things so far, because it’s part of the culture transmitted from generation to generation”
“As a young professional, one of the challenges I often face is balancing my profession with my active lifestyle and practicing self-care. This is why I couldn’t be happier with FPA’s online store”, Hilyann says.
For students. FPA has developed information packages that are topic-ready for most of the general projects. These are used as an information base, while the presentation and appointment are tailored to each individual student.
FPA’s expert and dedicated team work from the heart to ensure they are able to adapt and deliver healthcare digitally.
“In the last few years, FPA’s in-school Comprehensive Sexuality Education program was growing rapidly, and then all of a sudden we hit a wall; our Island was in complete lockdown and all schools were closed. At first, we were very sad, since we were fully booked for the upcoming few months, and would lose the opportunity to reach thousands of young people”, Evelyn remembers.
Famia Planea Aruba ‘Improving your quality of life’, by ensuring its healthcare provision is accessible to everyone.