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In Barbados, the age of consent is 16 but “there is still the issue of the age of access versus the age of consent.” Keriann explained that there’s no legal framework that prevents young people between 16 and 18 from accessing SRH services; there is the cultural “assumption that they must bring parent/guardian to be seen by a medical professional.”
Dr. Rashida Daisley the 31-year-old Clinical Director of the Barbados Family Planning Association (BFPA) is providing critical support to the LGBTIQ+ community and filling gaps in access to sexual and reproductive health services in Barbados.
Both Marina and Ana can vividly recount the experiences that brought them to Trinidad 3 years ago. Today, they are both clients of the Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FPATT) receiving care to meet their varying sexual and reproductive health needs.
Before the FPATT clinic, migrants who needed SRH healthcare have had to book appointments with private doctors who often charge more than the migrants can afford.
“Machismo is cultivated since childhood. That, in some way, is making it difficult to correct some things so far, because it’s part of the culture transmitted from generation to generation”
“As a young professional, one of the challenges I often face is balancing my profession with my active lifestyle and practicing self-care. This is why I couldn’t be happier with FPA’s online store”, Hilyann says.
For over fifteen years FPA has worked in partnership with one of the largest secondary schools on the island. The FPA team visits the school on a monthly basis to provide guidance, counseling, and contraceptive care to students and to help ensure they stay in school to complete their education.
Famia Planea Aruba (FPA) places great value on the relationship they have with Adriana, the social worker at EPB San Nicolas School. Adriana is the person who has the most contact with the students, and the one most students turn to when they need help.
José has seen a change in the attitudes of men in his local community and those small achievements encourage him to keep going.
In the absence of a local public health facility, Alicia decided to become a volunteer health promoter to support her community.