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Four days a week, Dr. Mabel Camejo conducts TeleHealth, a telemedicine service initiated by the Family Planning Association of Trinidad and Tobago (FPATT) specifically for the Venezuelan and Cuban migrant communities.
For students. FPA has developed information packages that are topic-ready for most of the general projects. These are used as an information base, while the presentation and appointment are tailored to each individual student.
FPA’s expert and dedicated team work from the heart to ensure they are able to adapt and deliver healthcare digitally.
Over the years FPA has developed different information packages to reach and support young people, families, and educators. Their video about puberty has been a big hit among parents and youth.
“In the last few years, FPA’s in-school Comprehensive Sexuality Education program was growing rapidly, and then all of a sudden we hit a wall; our Island was in complete lockdown and all schools were closed. At first, we were very sad, since we were fully booked for the upcoming few months, and would lose the opportunity to reach thousands of young people”, Evelyn remembers.
Famia Planea Aruba ‘Improving your quality of life’, by ensuring its healthcare provision is accessible to everyone.
During the 1970’s Aruba’s population was rapidly growing; yet one-third of all pregnancies were unplanned. With the arrival of Famia Planea Aruba (FPA), local communities were able to access health and contraceptive care. For more than 50 years FPA has ...
For over fifteen years FPA has worked in partnership with one of the largest secondary schools on the island. The FPA team visits the school on a monthly basis to provide guidance, counseling, and contraceptive care to students and to help ensure they stay in school to complete their education.
Famia Planea Aruba (FPA) places great value on the relationship they have with Adriana, the social worker at EPB San Nicolas School. Adriana is the person who has the most contact with the students, and the one most students turn to when they need help.
Damara Rasmijn is a data analyst and a member of the Sustainable Development Goals Commission. She started using Famia Planea Aruba’s (FPA) contraceptive delivery service a year ago. “It definitely has made my life much easier especially when I have ...