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Jamaica Family Planning Association Youth Officer Fiona Francis is making an impact, one person at a time.
Mario Boothe was 22 and fresh out of college when he signed up to be part of the Jamaica Family Planning Association (JFPA) Youth Advocacy Movement (YAM) five years ago.
From their inception, cultural barriers and stigma have threatened the work of the Jamaica Family Planning Association (JFPA). Nurse Boyd-Brown talks about her time at JFPA.
"People with disabilities are made invisible and silent... This programme has given me confidence."
Erin from Syracuse, New York, has been a member of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) for several years. She joined PPFA as National Campus Organizer for youth organizing in May 2014. Prior to joining, Erin was a local ...
It was the lure of something to eat and a free subway card that persuaded Manny Norman to visit Project Street Beat's 'Safety Counts sessions. From there he slowly began to regain control of his life, from rebuilding his family life to training as an HIV outreach worker. This is his story.